Excellence Personified

Professionalism is a synonym for excellence. It is a trait in which many believers are deficient.  Of course it is easy to point out the inadequacies of others, but let’s look inwardly this time. Do we portray excellence in all we do or do we let some things slide?  To excel means to be superior or to surpass. True excellence cannot be limited to certain aspects of our lives in order for us to be successful. The extraordinary itself carries an anointing that removes burdens and destroys yokes.  Think about the last time you went to a restaurant and was completely blown away by the care and attention displayed in the restroom.  You actually stayed in there longer than you would have to soak up the ambiance. You went back to your table with a little pep in your step anda glide in your stride. You felt like royalty because someone appreciated you for patronizing their establishment. They cared enough to be extraordinary.  They put extra in the ordinary.

Everyone can be ordinary, but we as Christians should always strive for excellence. It’s a part of our heritage; our makeup. That’s why we like nice things. Our Dad is loaded and our elder brother is a rich Jew. The world longs for and expects excellence, but it does not just happen. It is created and it takes time and effort to develop a mindset of operating in excellence. That means we must surround ourselves with models of excellence. Who says a McDonald’s cannot operate in excellence? Why can’t it be clean and inviting, with smiling crew members who are cordial and helpful? I guarantee you that is the goal of ownership, but unless the crew seizes the vision and runs with it, excellence will be elusive. It takes people like us, in every walk of life, right where we are, to dissipate the darkness with our light of professionalism and excellence, always putting the extra in the ordinary. Through these actions we will grow in favour with God and man, just like Jesus did. (Luke 2:52)

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