Have You Lost Your Mind?

Chances are good that your parents have asked you this question at least one time in your life; particularly your mother! “You know better than that!”, or “Why would you do that?’ was her typical response, especially when the behavior exemplified was well below the set family standard. Truth be told, when you found yourself in that situation, you could not really explain your actions other than giving the predictive ,”I don’t know” response.

Even as adults, with the best of training, intentions, and experience, distractions still turn into mistakes which throw our lives off kilter. As a result, we find ourselves in positions that are well beneath where we should be. Luke, chapter 15 tells of one such Jewish young man who found himself violating his own culture by feeding hogs just to survive. It was his decision to leave home, a place of safety, where he had wealth and substance because of his father. Fast forward, and he is now broke, and so hungry the slop he is feeding the pigs looks appetizing. The Bible describes this lad’s defining moment by stating,

When he came to his senses, he said, ‘How many of my father’s hired servants have food to spare, and here I am starving to death!'”

Luke 15: 17 New International Version

This lost son’s mind went back to a time of rest, fullness, and wholeness; a place of safety where even the servants were well taken care of. Now, he would be satisfied just to be counted among the slaves of his father’s household. He realized the travesty of his living conditions. He needed to go home and face the music. What he received upon his return was much more than he deserved. Grace, forgiveness, love, and celebration were what his loving father provided, waiting for the prodigal’s homecoming.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place far from our heavenly Father’s desire for us because of poor decisions. When we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, all of Christ moved on the inside of us. This includes His mindset. Therefore, we cannot be satisfied living beneath our kingly status. The Holy Spirit is more than willing to bring “total recall” of who we are and whose we are. So whenever and wherever you find yourself off course, may you rise through His power and return where you belong – in the Father’s house.

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