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Fredrick F. Nicholson is a minister and worship leader at New Life Interfaith Ministries in Bessemer Alabama. Under the leadership of Pastor George M. Matthews II, Fred has grown tremendously in the faith and seeks to pass on what he is being taught, according to II Timothy 2:2. God’s people need not be destroyed for lack of knowledge or misinformation. It is Fred’s belief that only the truth you know will make you free. Fred resides with his beautiful wife, Ina, in Center Point, AL


20 Replies to “About The Author”

  1. Hello Fredrick I miss your post but I’m sure God has you busy somewhere! I’m going to take a break myself,it’s been 3 0r 4 years since I started blogging and I love it.I’m just tired and need a break,so we’ll touch bases somewhere in the blogsphere.
    Love you brother 😀


  2. This is truly an awesome observation….I can truly relate to the example and it is my hope it caused others to ponder the thought as it did me, am I smiling because I love Jesus or does my expression display circumstance. Cheeks hurting? Wow Fred, again and awesome, powerful observation. Keep it moving man of God!!!


  3. Man of God, you are gifted, you are annointed! This is sooooo awesome, I look forward to the next blog….Be Blessed “T”


    1. Thanks. I appreciate your kind words more than I can verbalize here. Be blessed!
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  4. The Word of God confessed by a believer avails much power! It is that confessed Word that is believed and implemented that can alter circumstances, conditions, and situations.

    Encouragement in the Word is a very present help always!!


  5. Fred,

    This is awesome! God is using you in a mighty way to spread His Word.

    Mrs. Pat has been sending the “Java With Jehovah” daily and initially I didn’t know you were the creator!

    Keep hearing from the Spirit…this is great!


  6. Hi Fred,
    Sam emailed us your website and just checking it out. I really like the blogs. You have definitely committed yourself to something new and exciting. Keep up the good work!


  7. What’s up Fred? I enjoyed reading the “nuggets”…looking forward to cking out some more in the future. will there be “guest bloggers”….?


  8. Thanks Fred for letting God use you the way you do.

    You Blessing to Adrian and Judah; You are a Blessing to all of your family at New Life; and now you are a Blessing to more of the world!!! You’re a Web Celeb!!!

    Rock On With the WORD!!!

    Way to Go Fred!


  9. This was a referral from my friend, Jackie Dimbo. This is very enlightening. May God continue to use you as a vessel to spread His Word.


  10. Fred, loving the “Java with Jehovah”! Fantastic job! Keep up the good work (and tell Adrianne I said ‘hello’)!


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