The Crucible of Covid 19

Crucible – a situation of severe trial, or in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

The culminating event of United States Marine Corps Boot Camp is the grueling, 54 hours long, “crucible”. Eleven weeks or so of training and preparation , both physically and mentally, has led the recruit to this final examination. Covering 48 miles of marching, team building, psychological and bodily stress; not to mention sleep and food deprivation, this single event marks the transition from recruit to one who has earned the title of marine.

Covid-19, the coronavirus, has definitely earned the entitlement as a crucible by its own merit. It has affected most mentally, physically, financially, and/or all of the above. The good news is that Covid-19 is not a surprise to God. Nor was it sent from God as punishment. (He poured his wrath out on Jesus while He was on the cross). In fact, the Father does His best work in the midst of crisis. As tough and as uncomfortable as this situation has been, we dare not come out on the other side the same as we were before it arrived.

The Marines Corps invests thousands of dollars per recruit to break them down, build them up, and transform them in to being worthy to wear the eagle globe & anchor. The desire is for all to make it, but everyone does not.  Likewise, the Lord gave you His most prized possession, His only begotten Son. To be with you in every crisis. The encouraging “Drill Instructor”, pushing you further than you ever imagined; beyond your highest thoughts, hopes, prayers, and dreams. He wants you to make it safely on the other side. Will you trust him to be faithful to perform it? 

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