Destination Known

“For the Lord knows and is fully acquainted with the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly [those living outside God’s will] shall perish (end in ruin and come to nought).     Psalms 1:6 (The Amplified Bible)

Why don’t men like to ask for directions? After giving it some thought I may have an idea.  Man was created to commune with God, to take all instructions from him and disregard all outside influences. When man succumbed to the wiles of the devil, that relationship was severed until Jesus came and repaired the breach through his life , death, burial, and resurrection. In our flesh, we tend to think we have all the answers and know exactly what we are doing and where we are going. It’s part of our makeup, since we were created in God’s image and after his likeness. Truthfully, we should know, or know how to ascertain the information needed to reach our destination. Sometimes even after following the map, we can still get off course due to a change in the travelling conditions, or sometimes the route itself has changed. We tend to fear seeking the counsel (directions) from the wrong person and ending up way off course.  So we choose not to ask anyone anything and spend precious time wandering aimlessly sometimes going in circles.

Our lives often mirror the same scenario. But the good news is we have reliable help available.  We are the righteous, and the Lord knows the way we should go. The word “way” can be defined as the direction, the method, the course, the travelling conditions, and finally, creating  space (making the way).

So then, the Lord knows the direction in which we should travel. He knows the method or mode of transportation we should use. He also has already planned out the route for us, taking  into account the conditions and circumstances we will face along the way. And when we run into a road block, he knows how to create the space we need so we can reach our destination.  It’s probably a good idea to ask him for directions, huh?

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