What’s In Your Wallet?

I am not an influencer for the company responsible for this tagline (nor do I look anything like Jennifer Garner), but Jesus was known to ask a similar question.

There was a crowd of people who had been following Him for three days and He healed many among them.  Cast at His feet were the maimed, blind, dumb, many others society had deemed undesirable.  After three days, the multitude had certainly run out of whatever sustenance they had with them. Jesus, having compassion on them, discussed the situation with His disciples.

“Lord, there’s no “Popeye’s or Church’s chicken anywhere near here where they can buy something.” Peter responded.

“And Door Dash won’t come out this far”, Phillip added.

The Lord just let them finish. He wanted to teach them a valuable lesson.

Obviously they had selective memory regarding a similar miracle. Just a month or prior, they witnessed Jesus take two fish and five loaves of bread, feeding over 20,000 people (5,000 men). That time, the future apostles had no “skin in the game”. It was a little boy who gave his lunch. Maybe they were distracted this time by their own growling bellies. Truth is, the twelve never even considered giving up their food.

 With a childlike smirk, The Master inquired,

“How many loaves do you have?” 

“This is our lunch, Lord (silently)!”

Then they relented.

 “Seven, and a few fishes”, they responded – like children with their hands caught in the cookie jar, and crumbs on their lips, forcing out the truth.

Give me what you have?”

Jesus took the bread and brake it, then gave it to his disciples and instructed them to do the same. They expected natural law to take over. Once you break the bread and give it, then there’s less bread, of course.  But the logical did not happen. 

Carla L.T. Murphy writes, “Each piece, as it was broken by their hands, became larger… The faster they broke, the faster they distributed. The more they distributed, the more they had in their hands to give.”

Whatever you have, whether it be time, resources, expertise, money, influence, be willing to give it to Him. He will do for you what he did for them that day on that mountainside in Galilee.

So-o-o-o, what’s in your wallet?


Murphy, Cara L. T. The Inquisitive Christ. Available from: Liberty University Online Bookshelf, Hachette, 2020.

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