ABC’s of Praise

Father you are awesome, almighty, you are the apex. There is none like you. So beautiful, beloved, Lord I bless your name. You are my confidence, my counsel; in you I am courageous. I delight in you all my days for you are dependable. Everlasting Father, Eternal God, excellent and perfect in all your ways. Full of grace and truth, faithful forgiving, fantastic are your works. You have made me glad, therefore I glory in your presence. I honor you with high esteem for you are my help, my healer, the Most High. Incredible interceder, invincible against all enemies; Just , the righteous judge, Jehovah, and so much more you are to me. My king, my keeper, such knowledge is too wonderful for me. You are altogether lovely, lover of my soul, lifter of my head. You minister to me continually in your magnificent might. No one can take your place, oh God. I need you in my life. I owe all that I am to you. My desire is to be one with you all my days. You are my protector, and my peace. I position myself to hear your guidance. Quietly, I listen with expectation for your direction. You are my rescuer, my first responder whenever I call. Thank you Father. My savior, sustainer, sovereign God, placing your super on my natural abilities causing me to achieve success. I hide the truth of your word in my heart. I trust you. I am tenacious in seeking you. To understand your ways and precepts is my top priority. In you I am victorious, a mighty man (woman) of valor. I whip Satan continuously. I am a winner with you on my side. With xray vision, you show me myself through thorough examination so I can make the necessary corrections. Your presence is my joy, therefore I long for you always. In you I have zoe – nothing missing, nothing broken. May my zeal for you never cease.

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