Fear: The Believer’s Kryptonite – Part 1 (Terror By Night)


We are living in a time where the opportunity to fear is all around us. And for each of us, the object of our fears can be different based on our experiences and our environment. With the onslaught of the social media , negativity and evil events spreading like wildfire, it takes a conscious effort not to click through and ingest those things into one’s spirit. It’s one thing to be informed, but quite another to allow those negative events to consume you.

In Psalms 91: 5-6, David catalogued fear into four categories; the first of which is “Terror By Night”. Miriam Webster defines terror as violence, or the threat of violence used as a weapon of intimidation or coercion. Terrorists use fear as a weapon in order to draw attention to their cause, in order to achieve their established goal(s). Satan is the mastermind of all terrorists. Fear is his nuclear weapon. It’s effects are far reaching and relentless if left unchecked. Let’s get a better understanding of terror by night.

Terror By Night – Evils that come through man: robbery, murder, terrorism, kidnapping, wars, etc.

Fear of what “might happen” can be as debilitating as one’s worst fear coming to pass. I can’t tell you how many times I was alone in my home and thought I heard a noise. Immediately, my heart started racing; and tiny beads of perspiration caused by an elevation in body temperature pressed their way to the forefront, only to find that a plastic bottle had fallen from atop the refrigerator. Whew!

Now imagine living in the aforementioned state constantly. Afraid to leave the house for fear of being attacked; fearful inside of your home that someone is waiting for an opportunity to break in; suspicious of everyone’s motives as they approach you, when they just said “Good Morning”; – That’s no way to live. Jesus said in John 10:10 that “I am come that you might have and enjoy life, filled to the full , til it overflows!” (Amplified Bible Paraphrased) There’s no way you can enjoy life afraid. Furthermore, “Get over it” is not the answer either. Otherwise you would have gotten over whatever “it ” is already.

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 19:10 KJV

The Message translation of the above passage explains this verse even further. It is not your power, but the power of God who has authority over you because you belong to Him. If He is with you, then his entourage (protection) is yours as well. This does not mean you won’t have an opportunity to fear, but in the presence of fear, you can take comfort instead. If you’ve ever trusted the Lord and He has delivered, then you already know. ‘If He did it before, He will do it again”.


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