After The Cross (Scrubbing Bubbles)


This product provides a good example of the finished work of Jesus Christ. Before “Scrubbing Bubbles” the go-to agent for cleaning was Ajax.  It required sprinkling the product on the surface to be cleaned; scrubbing with a brush or sponge, then rinsing. More often than not, a second rinsing was required to remove the residue of the scouring powder.  This type of “work” is what kept professional house cleaning contractors employed.

Then came “Scrubbing Bubbles”!  You just spray it on, let it sit for a while and rinse or wipe it off! That’s straight from the throne right there!  Little to no effort required, but the results yield a clean surface.

Before the cross, we were bound by sin, subjected to a law (ten commandments) we could not keep) Especially since breaking one of them meant we were guilty of all ten (James 2:10).  We were doomed without a savior.

After the cross, our only work is to believe in the finished work of Jesus. His last words… “Tetelestai!”  Hebrew translation…”It is Finished”. Then, His final show of force demonstrating his power was the way he died.  Usually a person’s spirit leaves his body at death, causing the head to slump.  Our Lord Jesus bowed his head and  “gave up the ghost”. No man had power to take his life, He willingly gave his life; the greatest act of love this world has ever known.  He did it just for me and you.

Allow me to interject the famous phrase from the old scrubbing bubbles commercial:

“He worked hard, so we won’t have to!”

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