Indicted At Church

Last night I was called out. I heard the bailiff call my name loud and clear among the defendants in this case. It was an ordinary Wednesday night; the usual dedicated gallery in attendance. Spirits were high as we stood to proclaim The Righteous Judge King of kings and Lord of lords.

But once we were seated the mood shifted a bit. The prosecuting attorney started with a question. “What did you do with last Sunday’s notes?”. Uh Oh, I thought.” You are being charged with being a professional hearer, but a novice doer under the statute James chapter one verse twenty two of the Holy Bible. You’ve been taking great notes for years. Volumes of notetakers later, you now have enough Word to have been much further along in your walk than you are now. You have not entered into His rest according to Hebrews chapter 4 because you have not mixed what you have heard with faith; therefore you have not seen manifestation. “. His voice began to fade as The Voice behind the voice became prominent.
“Good job on the Library of notes though. They need to be more than just reference material. You’ve spent more time figuring out how to teach or preach the notes rather than actually applying them to your life. Where are the results? I am certainly not slack concerning my promises. Its time for you to perfect doing the Word.”

The gallery quickly became the Grand Jury. Each person signing his or her own indictment. There were no feelings of condemnation, just quiet conviction as we left. Court was never adjourned. There was no need. One by one we gave our offering, greeted one another and left. It was as if Sean Connery (The Untouchables) grabbed each of us by the collar and said “What are you prepared to do?” I have a sneaky suspicion we are not the only guilty parties.

2 thoughts on “Indicted At Church

  1. Hi Fredrick
    You worked that out well,you made it come alive,wonderful! How true it is we must get along with doing the will of God not just making believe. Oh we love to show off out notes little handbags stuffed full,but empty when it comes to doing the word.I had to smile at that thought because I’ve seen some notes so thick you could kill a horse with them,but attitudes just nasty!
    Loved it 😀

  2. Fred….oh my, I really found myself feeling as if I had receive a beating from daddy. Which is what the word is suppose do according to Hebrews 4:12. Cut while leaving us intact to do!!! Our man of God was so on point (as always). I said to myself on yesterday…”what are you gonna do Torrecca?” Meaning, I know the Word of God is true, I go to church faithfully and yes I take excellent notes yet how true/real is this really to me. Well, I have made a decision to retire my position as the Sunday, Wednesday recording secretary and take my position as the little g-o-d I was created to be as it relates to the will of God for my life. I believe now…its DUE Season!

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