Workin’ On Somethin’

The church is a hospital where sick folk come to be made whole. Many are well, few are whole. I would go as far as to say none are whole in every area of their lives. That’s why we have no room to judge others. Its easy to notice the speck or splinter in our brother’s or sister’s eye while disregarding the beam or tree limb in our own. If we spend our time looking at ourselves we would find it to be time well spent. Our self reflection should not bring about guilt or condemnation. We have been redeemed from that. My pastor brought something forth out of this passage of scripture that really blessed and encouraged me.

“And the vessel he made of clay was marred in the hand of the potter; so he made it again…” Jeremiah 18:4 KJV

The clay was marred in the potter’s hands. It was flawed; not fit for use. So what did the potter do? He made it again. The most important aspect of this analogy is that the clay was still in the potter’s hands. In all of my imperfections, I am still in the Master’s hands. As long as I remain there He can make me over. Yes I have this habit, but I’m in His hands. Yes. I have this hangup, but I’m in His hands. Yes I have this emotional issue, but I’m in His hands. He’s workin’ on somethin’. And I will be that vessel unto honor He desires me to be (Romans 9:21).

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  1. Hello Fredrick,this is so very good wow! Look at yourself first,then we still have no reason to judge others,Fredrick I truly enjoyed this post and hope that many others are blessed by it,I shared it on googlebuzz.
    Love you brother and have a wonderful day.

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