Just How Powerful is God’s Word?

Its awesome to have a pastor that makes the Bible come alive; one that paints such a vivid picture of the truth of the Word that your spirit leaps. That’s why its so important that you are at the right church and that you attend regularly. But that’s another subject I have written about already. I heard something this Sunday that really opened my eyes about the power of the Word of God. When God speaks, whatever He says comes to pass. He cannot lie. The Bible says he has magnified His Word above all His name. God has subjected even the attributes of Himself to conform to His Word. We’ve all heard the “churchy” phrase. “There is power in the Word”. Well, just how powerful is God’s Word?
Remember it was God who breathed into Adams nostrils the breath of life. I believe God actually spoke to Adam and said “live”. When you speak, breath is expelled. This Word was so powerful that even after Adam sinned and his death sentence was pronounced, it took over 900 years for his sin to penetrate what God had spoken. Only then could Adam die.
Then there was Peter who was walking on the water after Jesus said”Come”. When he doubted the Bible said he began to sink. How do you begin to sink in water? Better yet, how do you have time to even get a sentence out before being under water? Peter had time to say “Lord Save me”. The power of the word Jesus had spoken was so awesome that the molecules in the water changed to conform to what he said. What I like about this event is that even though Peter doubted and started to sink, he asked the lord for help and Jesus lifted him up. He didn’t carry Peter, they walked back to the ship together.
What word has the Lord spoken to you that you let slip or doubted? His Word still will accomplish what it set out to do. You still have time. Your dream is not dead! Just ask Him. He’s waiting to pick you up so you can continue your walk with Him by your side.

2 thoughts on “Just How Powerful is God’s Word?

  1. Amen how true that is,everything God spoke is as he said,we just cannot see it yet! It amazes me how God does things like plan our live down to the t even before we were born,”Hallelujah”! Everything God has spoken will manifest.Wonderful post Fredrick.

    1. Thanks Pat. I tried to comment on your last blog but couldn’t. Great job!
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