Happy Anniversary!!

One year ago today, I began a journey which has blessed me as well as others. It was my first time writing a blog, and I so much wanted it to be “readable”.  I had always been amazed when reading the scriptures and studying notes, how the Holy Spirit would fill me with revelation I had not seen before or direct me in a different path than I originally intended. There were countless times all I had was an idea of  the message I wanted to convey, but no structure. I would just start typing and direction would come. Then I would get to the end and say, “Holy Spirit, that was off the chain!”  I owe a lot to my pastor, George M. Matthews II, his wife, Mrs. Judith Matthews, and New Life Interfaith Ministries. The line upon line, precept upon precept teaching in this ministry is second to none. Most, if not all of what you’ve read in this blog, I learned at church; including how to do a word study to uncover additional layers of truth.

I wanted to be more consistent than I have been with my entries. I started out great, but sometimes fell short of this goal. What I am humbled by however, is that no matter when I sat down to write, the Holy Spirit never ceased to speak through me. As a matter of fact, He has continually given ideas and insights, even when I failed to take immediate action on them. I am in awe of my God, who has allowed me to be a conduit for his Kingdom through which he can speak to someone.  One thing I’ve learned from experience, is that He is faithful and he will equip you to do what he requires of you.

It is my desire to become a published author, not for the popularity or publicity, but because I want as many believes as possible to learn what I have learned. I want as many non-believers as possible to understand this grace which we have received. I have much work to do to achieve this goal; many things to overcome and many lessons to learn. I’m just so glad that in spite of the many times I’ve missed the mark, been blatantly disobedient, and fallen way short, He still speaks. He is always speaking. May I open the eyes of my heart, to hear and immediately obey. To Him be all the Glory! So Father, I say, Happy Anniversary!

3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!!

  1. You deserve kudos for an awesome job and even more for obeying the voice of God. You give many of us creative folks and aspiring writers wings to take off and soar in the Spirit. Through this endeavor, I learned from you to follow one’s God-given vision and pursue dreams that may allow wondrous doors of influence to open. You touch lives line by line. Happy Anniversary and God’s Best as you continue on this track of life!

  2. Happy Anniversay!!! To God Be The Glory! “There is no life like NEW LIFE” 🙂 It is our job to spread/share the Good News and this is your venue. 🙂 You are doing a great job!

  3. “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ” Fredrick,and I hope you have many more,I do so enjoy you sharing with us from the wisdom God has and is placing in you. Do have a wonderful weekend.

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