What The ___?

At first glance, this T-shirt looks like a great idea. It’s a reminder that we should pray for our leaders right?  But when you read Psalms 109:8, it becomes appalling. This verse says: “ Let his days be few and let another take his office.” How naïve and stupid does the maker of this product think we as believer’s are? No doubt, someone will buy this shirt not realizing what it is really saying. If you continue to read this entire Psalm, it goes on in this “prayer”, asking that President Obama’s children be fatherless and his wife a widow; that they beg continuously and that no favor come to them…

Here’s another reason that the bible says in Isaiah 34: 16 that we must seek out the book of the Lord (the Bible)  and read.  We should not take anyone’s word for anything unless they can back it up with scriptures, and even then we should check it out to ensure that nothing was taken out of context or used incorrectly. This Psalm is a prayer  towards those who are against the Lord and his servant. It was directed towards those who were evil. One(s) who held the poor and needy in disdain and who loved cursing rather than blessing. Now the heathen’s are even taking the Bible out of context and using it to serve their own purposes; something they accuse “Christians” of doing all the time.

The office of the President of the United States, no matter who holds it, should be respected. It is obvious we are not seeing the level of respect that is deserved for President Obama. Sometimes we perpetuate the same by simply calling him “Obama” without adding the appropriate title of “President”.

Join the New Life Interfaith Ministries family as we pray for our President everyday, the first week of each month. Click the link in the right column to see what we pray over our President and let the prayers of the righteous make tremendous power available, dynamic in it’s working. God Bless President Obama and God Bless the United States of America!

One thought on “What The ___?

  1. How very cruel! Our President has not gotten the respect he deserves some-many people cannot yet handle the idea of a black man in this leadership position,yet God has honored him and us! It matters not what others think about President Obama he’s still our President and should be respected as such,I to have noticed others just calling him Mr. Obama and I know the reason why and God help them to get over themselves.
    Thanks for sharing this Fredrick I truly enjoyed it.

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