Indicators of Fellowship


The only way to deepen our relationship with the Father is to fellowship with him. It is impossible to fellowship with him without having his characteristics show forth in your life, causing others to recognize his hand on you. Genesis 39:2 calls Joseph a prosperous man and also relates that the Lord was with him. If you follow Joseph’s story, you’ll find that life dealt him serious blows. He had every excuse to be bitter and complain to God for the things that had happened to him. He ended up being falsely accused of attempted rape of his boss’ wife after that. But note that each time, God delivered him and he rose back up to the top. Just like a beach ball being pushed under water, he bounced back up in a different place. He had to be steadfast in his love for and reverence to God. Because of their relationship, He understood who God was, (having spent time with him) and that God would take care of him. Everywhere he ended up, people could see the hand of God on his life because he prospered in all that he did. 

When the Lord is with you, you can expect to prosper in every area of your life. You should receive favor from God and man. Favor can be described as an advantage. What a benefit of being connected to the almighty! You have the advantage to overcome what life throws at you.

Promotion is also a sign the Lord is with you. One should always be moving from glory to glory because God is a God of increase. When we are obedient we open the door for him to establish us and thereby make our way prosperous, having good success. There are many successful people who are not walking with God, and every day you hear on the news a story of someone who “has it all” but it’s not enough to satisfy their spirit man. Everyone is searching to fill that space within that can only be filled by The Lord. Man was created in his image and is incomplete without a reconciliation with the creator.


Putting it all in perspective, prosperity is not the end result of fellowship with God; it is a by-product of the same.


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