Don’t Waste Your Time

Time is very valuable and most people hate when their time is wasted. That’s why I believe if we are going to go to church, let’s make the most of our time there. I want to learn something, to be inspired to action; to be positively influenced to make a change in my life. The church was not designed to be entertainment, that’s what movies and concerts are for. I enjoy a good show just as any other person, but church is not the place for it. In fact, most people can recognize a show and are annoyed by one if that’s not what they came to see.  Most people enjoy the singing that takes place. The music ministry is supposed to enhance the worship experience, not be the focal part of it. The word of God should take center stage because it is the only thing that produces results. That’s why a word based ministry is essential for your growth. After all the singing, shouting, and dancing (which is great ), there must be a time where the principles of Christ are taught so they can be applied to our lives. Otherwise, you could have stayed at home. In order to make the most of your church experience, there are several things that one should do.

1.  Bring your bible to church.  Don’t take the preacher’s word for it, read it for yourself. Learn your way around the bible so you will be able to locate scriptures on your own.  Don’t be afraid if you can’t find the scripture , that’s what the table of contents is for.

2. Take Good Notes.  There is no way you can remember everything the minister said. You won’t be able to write down everything, but write down important points and references that speak to your spirit. Make note of the scripture texts for later review.

3. Go over Your Notes. This is one that we have trouble with. A notetaker full of information looks good, but is of no help to us if we don’t go back and look over our notes. That’s the precious time that as you read the scriptures and notes you’ve taken, the Holy Spirit will  speak to you and give you additional insight.  Leave space to write what the Spirit is saying to you. Let’s get out of the habit of not looking at our notes until the next session.

4. Use Audio & Video Resources available.  Today’s technology offers us the capability of listening and watching recorded messages over and over again. It’s amazing how many things you missed the first time. Remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the the word of God. It does not come by what you heard, but what you continuously hear. Take advantage of what is offered at your local fellowship. Especially those sessions that are a “must have” in your audio or video library.

Beginning with these adjustments can help you gain the most from your worship experience. Just as we expect the minsiter to be prepared to deliver a word from the Lord, we must be prepared and equipped receive and follow the instructions.

© Fredrick F. Nicholson all rights reserved

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