Benefit Package

One of the first things you want to know about when interviewing for a  job is what type of benefits the employer offers.  Some would even take less salary if the company offered the right benefits. The moment you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior you gained access to God’s benefit package. These advantages are good only if the “employee” knows what the benefits are and puts them to use in their lives. Psalms 103 gives an overview or a summary, if you will, of what God has to offer you.

First he offers forgiveness of all you have ever done or will do. Your past won’t keep you from being in his family. Next, he heals all diseases.  That’s what I like to call medical assurance. There will always be sick people, but it doesn’t have to be you. Then he redeems your life from destruction. If you were on the wrong path, He brings you back to the place before the destruction began. You now have a clean slate. Another benefit for the believer is God’s loving kindness and tender mercies. He even changes the way you talk and replaces the evil with good. Your mind, body, and spirit is rejuvenated, and you are refreshed. The Lord is your attorney, and He never violates  your confidence. Another advantage of being a believer is that even when you fall short or miss the mark (sin), He doesn’t give you the punishment you deserve. That has already been paid for by His Son.  He doesn’t even hold it over your head; He is the only one who actually forgives and forgets.  He treats you as a good father would treat his children, and takes it a step further.  His mercies have no time limit, they transcend generations of your family. His angels are the human resource sdepartment, waiting to carry out the terms of his covenant as you speak his word. They are at your disposal twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. As long as we keep our part of the covenant, to remember his commandments and do them, we’re covered under the contract.

Being a Christian is not confined to a list of things you can’t do anymore. It is a new beginning of opportunity for advancement with the advantage of supernatural assistance from God Almighty. He places his super on your natural, causing you to have the ability to do what you could not do before he placed his ability on you. No wonder the Psalmist said “Bless the Lord!” Now let’s consider even better news. There are sixty-six books that contain specific instances of our benefit coverage. Maybe if we became more familiar with the contract (the Bible) we can fully exercise our rights and privileges and fulfill our purpose.

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