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True Worship

Its was scorching hot. The sun reflected off the stone streets and seemed  to go right through the shoes like one was barefoot. She was accustomed to the best and could well afford it, but the little relief the footwear gave her was of no consequence.  She moved her long flowing hair from her face once again, and wiped her brow. It wasn’t lady like for her to sweat so, but neither was she really considered a lady. Now was the best time to make the trip to get her daily portion. She wouldn’t dare risk going during the normal hours. That’s when the women of the city would gather and she just didn’t feel like being bothered with the looks, the snide remarks and the outright disdain.  She was a harlot by trade, a prostitute, and many of her customers lived with those women she now avoided like the plague. Each day while carrying her waterpot to the well, she would reflect on how empty she felt inside.  She was okay as long as she had her Johns to tell her how lovely she was. She was fine when they paid her well for her services, but in the end, her heart was empty. It had been a long time since she really felt any emotion at all.

That’s when she saw this quiet unassuming man sitting on the well.  As she approached, she recognized him as being a Jew. She knew right well he would probably not even acknowledge her presence.  After all, she was  a half breed and full fledged Jews had no dealings with them.  That’s why it shocked her when he asked her to give him a drink. Of course she called him out on it.  His response? “Lady if you know who I was, you’d be asking me to give you a drink of my living water and you’ll never thirst again.” Intriged now, she wanted some of this water.  Then He set her up and read her mail.  He told her things she did behind closed doors and who she did them with.  She knew then  he was a prophet and  she had a question.  “Where does true worship really take place.  Her forefathers worshiped on the mountain  in  that area but the Jews insisted only true worship took place in Jerusalem.  He answered  her by saying true worship takes place not in a particular place but one must worship the Father in Spirit and Truth.  True worship involves the unlocking of one’s spirit, connecting with that of the Father and it is also in knowing the truth concerning whom we worship. There can be no true worship without knowledge of the Father. She partially understood, and made mention of the truth that when the Messiah, the Christ, is come, He would clarify all things. Jesus identified himself as the Anointed One. Immediately, she left her water pot and started evangelizing her customers.  “Come see a man!”  Come see a man!” All at once, Jesus was bigger to her than any problem she faced. He was bigger than what the men who slept with her would think.; bigger than what the women would think. She experienced true worship.

So in essence,  genuine worship is not necessarily a slow song that draws upon one’s emotions. It is making God bigger than any situation or circumstance you could be facing.  It is magnifying the Lord. Failure to enter into worship for whatever reason indicates that your reason is larger than God.