God’s Degree of Difficulty

Easy Button

If you’ve ever watched or participated in a gymnastics competition, you are aware that every routine begins with a certain degree of difficulty which determines the maximum score which can be awarded.  For example, there has to be a certain skillset within the routine in order for the judges to award the competitor with a “10”.  As believers, we often place God in a box, sometimes unknowingly placing limitations on his ability due to our perception of the situation.   It’s very easy to say, “There is nothing too hard for God!”, in our best Christian face and tone. But we have a difficult time when the situation seems impossible to us.  It is almost as if God has to exert more energy to do some things rather  others which are a little less “difficult” to pull off.  The fact of the matter is,  God has no hard or easy button!  It’s all the same to Him.  Terms like “easy”, “hard” and “time” are all finite units of measure created for man. God is not limited at all!  His Word produces whatever is necessary for the situation or circumstance.  When there was no light, He spoke and there was.  He told water to produce fish and birds and it was so.  You know the scripture, “Is there anything too hard for God” Jer. 32:27 (paraphrased).  Whether it’s cancer or a headache; growing flowers or limbs on a maimed body; mending a broken heart or  a relationship; It’s not hard, it’s not easy; It’s all the same to Him. His word will produce by itself with any other external source, just as it did in the beginning. In Him is Life, and that life is the light of men (John 1:4).  The very fact that you may be walking through the valley of the shadow of “whatever” should encourage you. Why?  Because the very fact you can see the shadow means that light is present.  Focus on the light!  Light always dispels darkness. The two cannot occupy the same space.  So in good times, thank Him. In bad times, thank Him.  When he provides what you need or desire, thank Him; for the big and the small.  It’s all the same to Him.  And our praise for his provision should be the same as well.

Prayer:  “Lord remind me by your Spirit to give you just as much praise for the big as the small, and the easy as the hard, for you are God alone and it’s all the same to you.  In Jesus’ name  Amen!”

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