Through The Fire

“Woman, how could you have done this? What would make you listen to someone else and do the exact opposite of what you knew to be right? Just because it looked good and you thought we would be better off, now you have put this whole family in jeopardy!

“Well if somebody would man up and stop being a punk and talk to his wife, then maybe I wouldn’t have to listen to someone else’s voice.”

“You need to grow up and stop acting like a little girl! I hope you’re satisfied, now we have to move, and I have to work that much harder.

“You said that God made me just for you. Well He wouldn’t give me to a jelly backed boy. I need a real man! I can’t do this anyone! I’d be better off by myself!”

“So would I.”

This could have very well been Adam and Eve’s first argument, and their last. Both had a reason to call it quits. I mean, Adam, by succumbing to his wife, gave away the entire planet. Then threw her under the bus when God called him on it.  She could have talked him into almost anything, and did..[wit her fine self!] He probably thought…”I didn’t get into trouble until this woman came along.“ But one thing Adam and his wife never did…leave each other.  Divorce was not an option, it wasn’t even in their vocabulary.  Even after one of their children killed the other, they found the strength to keep going together…..and all of this without a Jesus.
I was speaking to a friend of mine about Satan’s attacks on my marriage and how we have been able to overcome. He spoke of his wife of nearly 20 years with such endearment in his voice.  He said, Man, I love her so much. When you have been through the fire together, you appreciate and love each other so much more.“

“…We went through fire and through water, but you brought us out into a wealthy place.” Psalm 66:12b paraphrased

You may be going through fire right now in your relationship, but know this; if you are a believer, there is another person in the fire with you.  His name is Jesus. He still says come to me. Learn from me. Watch how I do it I will bring you out unharmed and you won’t even smell like smoke! ( Matthew 11:28-30 The Message; Daniel 3:24-27 KJV)

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  1. Wow! Awesome word and I needed that!! Please pray for me and Troy the love of my life. We’re not married yet but the “Fire” was burning “whew”!!!

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