A Complete Set


The manufacturer “Crayola”  specifically identified each color crayon that would be included in a particular set or box.  These colors were not just arbitrarily chosen at random, but there was a plan for each member of the set. They were chosen with respect to how they would be used in a particular market.  Just as a rainbow has many colors, so does the world have just as many kinds of people. No two people are the same, but collectively in a “set place” they can accomplish any goal.  Colors bring new reflective light to a portrait.  Each color adds significantly to the overall picture. No one color is more important to the set, for if one were missing, it would not be complete and could not be placed in stores for sale to the public.  When you are missing from your local fellowship of believers, an important element goes lacking.  The ministry cannot do its job effectively because your unique talents and gifts are gone. 

What if the color white decided not to show up because it felt inferior to the rest of the set, or maybe blue turned its nose up on white, causing white to stay home? Who would color the clouds in the coloring book?  Black couldn’t do it, neither could green or brown. Clouds are something that can only be colored by white. Every element of the set is important; just as every member that God has set in a particular body of believers.  God has placed you there for a purpose and only He can change your assignment.  Not only should you recognize your importance to your church , but so should each member value one another.  If orange is missing, someone should be concerned.  If there is any place where members should feel loved, shouldn’t it be the church? I believe that many of our congregations are not growing because we don’t now how to treat the members we already have. Can we really expect God to give us more people to abuse? Just as it is the goodness of the Lord that leads one to repentance, it is the love of the”bretheren” in the local fellowship that draws others and maintains those already there. Together we can reflect the brilliance and clarity of the rainbow of God so that others will be drawn to its marvelous light.

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  1. Well said!!! May God continue to Bless You!!!! I love your posts. Right now I needed to hear this.

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