We Own This!


           (AP Photo/Rozelio V. Solis)

As the clocked ticked to triple zero’s the crowd stood to their feet and joined in concert with the players.  Hands were stretched upward, palms open, thumbs folded in the center.  It was the start of the fourth period and their solidarity said, “We own the fourth quarter.”  Their performance thus far had not been up to par.  A litany of penalties, turnovers and miscues, had kept their opponent in the game.  They had been outplayed and had fallen behind.  Yet, their confidence was not shaken.  The countenance on each player’s face had not fallen but glowed with expectation.  They were confident as if they knew they would win.  They looked to their leader on the field who had led them through countless situations just like this before.  And each time they were victorious, remaining undefeated.  This trial of sorts would be no different.  Their swag was evident.  They assembled in the congregation with purpose, breaking the huddle with a shout and a clapping of the hands.  Each player took his set place in the formation, executing their specific assignment with precision.  Methodically, they picked their nemesis apart, marching down the field.  It wasn’t error free; a couple dropped passes, and an offsides penalty slowed them down a bit.  But all the way back to the huddle, they said to themselves, “none of these things move me.”  Finally their persistence paid off!  Touchdown!!!  Game Over!!!!

Child of God, this is our time.  Since the end of the book has already been written, we know the outcome.  So what if you’ve made mistakes!  Who hasn’t?  You will make some more, but learn from them and keep going.  Your friend the Holy Spirit is here to help you minimize and even eliminate the miscues if you listen to Him. As we look unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, we can be sure that He has already paved the way. But let’s not stop with our own team.  We are recruiters as well, and the best marketing for new converts is to live a life of excellence in every area.  It’s awesome to have to explain to someone how we can experience the good life in spite of the economy.  How wonderful to say that it’s the Lord’s doing and it’s marvelous in our eyes.  In a world where the norm is to do whatever you feel like doing, we can be the “refreshing” people need to see as they witness, strong, Christ centered relationships, and  people turning to The Church for assistance, rather than the government.  We can do much more than sell the “end times” fire insurance, “don’t want to go to hell” gospel.  Let’s show the benefits of being a believer!  Everybody, Four fingers up!!!  We own the fourth quarter!  Let’s Go!!!

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