Grandma Katie

I recently attended the Homegoing Celebration of my paternal grandmother, Katie Mae Nicholson, who was 98 years young.What a blessed full life she lived. She was a woman of distinction and honor; a mentor and a faithful servant of God. She was bold and courageous, yet loving and kind. I remember as a child traveling to Cuba, AL each summer to spend some time with her and Granddaddy Frank along with the rest of the family.  I recall being awakened each morning by that loud rooster, the smell of those baking buttermilk biscuits. I can still see the chickens strutting around in the yard and that old out house which still sat there even after indoor plumbing.  One of the things I remember most about Grandma Katie was her quilting. She made the most beautiful quilts and had become quite famous for them. It was amazing to see how she could transform scrap portions of fabric into beautiful masterpieces of treasured keepsakes.
That’s what our Heavenly Father does. He takes broken, discarded lives and binds them together, transforming then into peculiar treasures for His purpose. This is all accomplished through His Son Jesus Christ; the thread that holds us all together and presents us faultless before the Father as one body in Him. Even as messed up as you think you might be, you are just an opportunity through which my God can show His transforming power.  There is absolutely nothing to hard for Him.

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  1. Amen! Hello Fredrick,so sorry to hear about your Grandma,but truly there is no reason to be sorry. Wow 98 yrs. old,yes indeed she lived a blessed and full life,and now she’s gone on to live eternally. I did so much enjoy reading about your Grandmother,and I love the way you tied it all together. Nothing can take the place of the good memories, have a good evening Fredrick.
    Love you brother 😀

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