Jacob and Rachel (True Love)

The very first time He spoke with her, He knew there was something special about her. They talked for hours, sharing the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. When He left he couldn’t get her out of his mind; neither did he want to. This was one woman worth waiting for. Her beauty, both inside and out…her courage and strength; her vulnerability; her caution; everything that has made her who she is was attractive to him. This was only the beginning. The more he was around her, the better he became. She opened up something inside him that had been dormant. He hadn’t been much of a communicator. But she was so easy to talk to. She reached those inner places within him that had been closed off; a self built seemingly impenetrable wall. Now like the walls of Jericho, the shout of her essence caused it to come “tumbling down.” What was it about her that caused him to react this way? How in the world did moments away from her seem like months? He never grew tired of her, or got bored with her. Then it was revealed to Him. He had found his missing rib. The only one that would fit that special place inside his spirit. He had tried to make others fill the role, but to no avail.

Finally he was completely satisfied. No need to search for another.   She inspired him so that one day he decided to put his feelings on paper. He took out his pen and wrote:


She moves with grace.

Fluid motion , wave-like, effortless progress.  Always forward, with purpose.

Her volley causes heads to turn; this way, that way, following her every step.

The movement of a Swiss watch; so exact; precise, lovely.

 Sexy, yet classy; She moves with grace.

Talk about unmerited; Jehovah did me a favor. 

one that I certainly could never work enough to deserve;

but will forever cherish

 She Moves with Grace;

in the spotlight her dance is exquisite as she goes about her day;

wife, mother, businesswoman, friend, nurturer;

I sit in awe from my seat in her arena;

I watch her effortlessly transition between each scene as only she can.

I watch and learn as she dances. I

 hurt when she hurts, I rejoice when she rejoices;

though tired and often worn; through tempo and  genre changes;  with tears of joy and  pain;

yet She Moves With Grace.

Her kiss is like fresh rain; oh the movement of her rudder leaves me speechless;

 her touch is like an autumn breeze;

no wonder her favorite colors are fall:

browns,burnt oranges, taupes, beiges; yes and I’ve FALLen for her.

There’s something in the way she moves-

 from the kitchen to the office to our chamber

She moves with Grace



5 thoughts on “Jacob and Rachel (True Love)

    • Hello Pat. I’m great. Just transitioning with new job (State Farm) and haven’t been as focused as i need to be. All is well. God is good. He loved me enough to create the one special lady just for me!!I am in awe of His power and love for me. Together we will make a mark for the Kingdom of God that cannot be erased. Thanks for checking on me. Getting back to blogging soon!!!


      • Heyyyy Fredrick whew!! It’s so good to hear that you’re doing fine!! I was just wondering,oh I hope you do well on your new job,and hope to see you again real soon. I missed you much!
        Love you 😀


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