Crazy Friends

And when they could not come nigh into him for the press, they uncovered the roof where he was: and when they had broken it up, they let down the bed wherein the sick of the palsy lay. Mark 2:4 KJV

Everybody needs at least one crazy friend. You know, that person you would call your “road dog” back in the day. That “ride or die” buddy that will go the extra mile for you. The one that could see you in a fight and run to help not even knowing you started it. They might chew you out later but in the heat of battle they “got your back”. That’s the kind of friends this sick man had. They heard that Jesus was having a meeting and immediately decided they were getting him to Jesus so he could be healed. These were the ones that wouldn’t take no for an answer. They got to the meeting and it was standing room only. They couldn’t get in but that didn’t deter them. They worked together to. somehow get their friend, who was lying on a stretcher, up on the roof. Then they tore the “roof off the sucker” (couldn’t wait to say that). They found a way to get their friend to Jesus.
These crazy friends were equivalent to a Ministry of Helps. No different from an usher, greeter, parking attendant, security person, singer, musician, etc. Every volunteer worker or member of your ministry team assists in getting people to the Savior, to the anointed one, Jesus. The process may involve inconveniencing yourself on behalf of another. Are you crazy enough to do what it takes to get them to Jesus? Are you crazy enough to:
give up your favorite seat or section you like to sit in

Pick up a piece of paper you didn’t throw on the ground

Smile and overlook being wronged without causing a scene

Set aside your own agenda and submit to ordained authority

Pastor can’t do it alone. He needs some friends crazy enough to do whatever it takes so the people can get to Jesus. The Lord took note of the faith of these crazy friends as he does of your ministry service. The question is…Just how crazy are you?

2 thoughts on “Crazy Friends

  1. Well sir Fredrick,I went to bed and woke this morning with those scriptures on my mind.And I was going to google to find them,imagine my surprise when I googled your blog,And right in my face is not only the scriptures but the post I was doing next LOL! God is so good,I tell ya.Then they tore the “roof off the sucker” (couldn’t wait to say that). They found a way to get their friend to Jesus. Yea I know I kept saying that too,(tear the roof off the sucker!”) can we tear the roof off for our friends and family? Yes and for our Pastor’s,let’s do it.
    Love you brother and I enjoyed the read you did a wonderful job,please keep me in your prayers I’m not feeling well at all, and my body is going through some crazy and negative things.

    1. Thanks Pat. Be healed my sister!
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