The High Cost Of Disobedience

“Disobedience alters the course of your destiny.”  T. L. Moody

When we disobey God we set ourselves on a path that was never intended. It may cause us never to reach our destiny(what God has promised and planned) our purpose(why we were placed here on earth), or our arrival at our destination will be delayed.
It’s not just our disobedience in the big things, its the small things as well. God is omniscient which means He knows everything. The problem is we don’t know which disobedient act is connected to which manifestation.
If a pilot disregarded information related by an air traffic controller, that disobedience could be quite costly. There may be a near miss collision; the plane may be thrown off course and experience unnecessary turbulence; or worse case scenario, it could cost lives. Think of the collateral damage that a mid air collision could cause because of one person’s disobedience.
Have you ever been on a plane that was waiting for takeoff? The pilot only moves when instructed by the tower; even if the way “looks” clear. When we start acting like we’re the tower is when we get into trouble. Not only us, but the people we care about the most are adversely affected as well.
Jesus said “If you love me, keep my commandments”. In other words, “Listen to me and obey”.

Isaiah 1:19. ” if ye are willing and obedient, ye will eat the good of the land”.

Most are willing, few are obedient. We then experience unnecessary pain, delay, and sometimes we forfeit Gods best. He wants us to experience His very best and enjoy the trip (see John 10:10b Amplified Bible).
Fortunately, the grace of God and the blood of Jesus has taken care of our missing the mark. Let’s receive it and do it God’s way. He can place us back on course and redeem the time lost.
Father in the name of Jesus, I repent for every act of disobedience. I declare that I hear and obey your voice only, and a strange or familiar voice other than yours I will not follow.

2 thoughts on “The High Cost Of Disobedience

  1. Amen,it’s amazing how God put up with us,seriously. And if it were not for His grace and mercy we would have been totally done. There is nothing else like obedience,it touches God’s heart.I sure do thank God for His Holy Spirit for He will let us know when we’re off track,and it’s always best to obey You said: The problem is we don’t know which disobedient act is connected to which manifestation.Another very good reason to obey God,whew we just don’t know and the consequences could be great. Thanks Fredrick for this good reminder to be obedient.

    1. Yes. I’m now experiencing the repercussions of disobedience by moving ahead of Gods timing. Its a hard lesson to learn. This blog is for me. But God is faithful and the blood of Jesus makes restoration and recovery certain. Praise the Lord!
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