Positive Test

A piece of chemically enhanced plastic is one of the most influential things in the world. It doesn’t look like much, but when used according to the instructions, the results have the potential to be life changing. Whether its a plus sign or a blue mark, a positive pegnancy test means one thing. Somebody’s expecting a child. From that moment, even before the results are confirmed by a blood test, nothing is the same. There is an immediate expectation that a child will be delivered in nine months. Think about it. An expectant mother is treated differently. She gets preferential treatment. Men and women will give up their seat for her. She gets the choice parking spaces. Her way is made easy. Doors are opened for her. She never has to carry a heavy load and even when it looks like she’s struggling with something, somebody shows up with the necessary actions to lighten the load. Everybody knows she’s expecting. “When’s the baby due?” is the question most asked. People around her are excited with expectation too. Close friends plan a shower. Provision is being made for a child that hasn’t even arrived yet. By the time the vision is manifested, there is more than enough.
The blood of Jesus has tested positive ensuring the manifestation of your highest prayers, hopes, thoughts, and dreams. The delivery of your baby is inevitable! So walk in expectation. Do people know that you are expecting? Can they look at you and tell your baby is coming soon? Know that provision is being made for your vision. Expect natural and supernatural help. Remember the Father knows more people than you do. He knows where you are and how to get what you need for the vision to you. Act like you’re pregnant! Expect the Helper to help! The angels are throwing a shower for your provision. Walk in expectation everyday because the baby is coming!

2 thoughts on “Positive Test

  1. Confirmation,confirmation!!!! “Hallelujah”!!! Brother Fredrick you did a super good job with this post for real!!! I’m waiting and ready final touches are being made even now the due date is in God’s hands and I’m sure it’s coming!!! 😀 😀 Amen May God bless you to keep on doing his will here Amen.
    Love you brother

  2. I am in expectation, as my Man of God stated. Seven days to turn around, breakthrough, the manifestation…..Praise God

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