Where’s My Increase?

Sometimes it seems as though what we are believing God for us really taking its time manifesting. Although we know the Word tells us not to be weary and that we will reap if we don’t give up, we still want to ask the Lord “When?”. That’s a valid question that He has not ignored. Here are two reasons our receiving may be delayed.
1. Failure to keep the heat on our confessions.
As believers, our profession, or job, is our confession of the Word of God. The word confession comes from the Greek words homo logio, which literally means “same speech or words”. Simply saying positive affirmations won’t do. We must say what God has said concerning what we are believing Him for. With that in mind, our consistency in keeping the “heat on” our faith filled words is the key. For example, we understand that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. If what we are believing for us the water in the pot and our confession is the fire undeneath, there will be no steam or vapor in the atmosphere until the water temperature reaches the boiling point. Where we miss it is not keeping the heat on consistently or turning it down. Sometimes we turn it off completely which means it takes that much longer for our water to boil.
Another reason our increase is delayed elates to
2. The Experience Factor
“I will not drive them out from before thee in one year lest the land become desolate and the beast of the field multiply against thee. By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased and inherit the land” Exodus 23:29-30

There are some things we are believing God for that only life experiences can prepare us for. As we move from grace to grace and glory to glory, those experiences will help us maintain the manifestation once we receive it. What good is it to you or the kingdom of God if he blesses you with a new home when you have trouble maintaining the apartment you live in now. You’ll end up losing the house and making God and the Kingdom look bad. So he changes your mindset where you are now. You begin to make the necessary changes so you’ll be ready to handle that new home. He’ll start you out small, and little by little you will increase. You may make faith mistakes along the way, but all things work together for good to them that love the Lord. Remember the blessing of the Lord makes one rich and he adds no sorrow to it. God loves us so much that He will allow a delay in manifestation until we are equipped to properly maintain it. That’s what a Father does.

7 thoughts on “Where’s My Increase?

  1. Okay fair enough but the disciples of our Lord gave up all they had. Like I said, I am not saying we should live in a box, just asking when seeking nice things becomes selfishness. In my personal opinion I think it is wrong to have multi-million dollar properties all over the world, a Rolls Royce in every garage and a billion dollars in an overseas account is not the will of the Lord for us no matter if we put them before him or not.

    I don’t think God would pave His streets with gold if there were a lack of bibles, medicine, food. Just sayin…

    Thanks for letting me comment.

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Be blessed!
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  2. Hi, yes, like I said he increases seed to the sower. Sowing seeds into the purchase of Bibles, food for poor, clothes, missions. etc

    I think you misread my post. I never said God wants us to be poor. I said he doesn’t want us to have hefty bank accounts. The money is meant to keep moving. It is currency.

    And I never said that being saved means our lives should be bad. I just don’t think God wants us to have 200 ft yachts etc. That is selfish.

    Yeah he wants us to prosper, EVEN AS OUR SOUl PROSPERS. <–not yelling.

    The end is the most important part of that scripture. What are we prospering towards? I say holiness.

    God won't "increase" a crack addict no matter how much he tithes and gives offerings. So it doesn't have much to do with the tithe as it does the condition of the soul.

    I just don't think God will be impressed with a 1.5 million dollar piece of art on our wall when there are millions of people without hope, food, love, bibles, clothes, etc.

    So I guess the question would be. How much money is too much? Does God have a number?

    I believe our reward is in Heaven and we should be more sowers than storers.


    1. Sir I undestand you are offering your opinion which we are all entitled to. However the word of God states he gives us all things richly to enjoy. There’s no caveat. All means all. Whether you prefer to drive a Kia or a Bentley is your choice. After all they do walk on solid gold streets in heaven.
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  3. Hi there, I believe that God is not looking to bless us but Christ in us.

    It doesn’t matter how much we speak the Word and believe if we are not living righteously. We are “prospered” as our soul prospers.

    The Lord increases seed to the sower not the storer. If we are thinking of the new house, nice car and all the material things then I’m sorry, our hearts are not in the right place. If we are thinking of how many bibles we can buy or how many people we can clothe, feed, and all the ways to further the Kingdom then we can be blessed.

    Our hearts have to be more Kingdom minded. If we are just concerned with being “blessed” we are not ready to be blessed. Our rewards are in Heaven. We believe that right? We have to KNOW that our good works down here are laying up for us treasures in Heaven. If we are trying to lay up treasure on Earth then we won’t have as much in Heaven.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is attracted to righteousness. We only need to be obedient and faithful, knowing that it is not our goodness that is our hope and salvation.

    We have to try pretty hard to miss the blessings of God. He just needs to show us that it is not our faith, deeds, affirmations that brings the blessings but His goodness.

    We just have to have the heart of Psalm 119. Then all we will care about is pleasing our Lord with the fruits of righteousness and then we will be ready for the blessings of Heaven.

    That means focusing less on ourselves and much more on others.


    1. Brother in Christ, the Bible is a prosperity book If God is the author then we must assume he knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t have a problem with material things what he does have a problem with us putting anything before Him. The reason for being blessed is to bless others. If I’m struggling from paycheck to paycheck. I certainly can’t purchase any bibles or buy food and clothes for anyone. Contrary to popular belief the Gospel is not free. It takes money to print the bibles, to buy food, etc. The people of God should be blessed to take care of kingdom needs. We are not in heaven yet. We need money in the earth. Why get saved if things will be worse in your life? Might as well keep living for the devil. Let’s just cut all of the prosperity scriptura out of the bible. Ones like: The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want. I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers. It is the Lord that gives thee the power to get wealth… I am come that you might have and enjoy life. Filled to the full Till it overflows The bible explains itself.

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  4. Ok, think I am in the right place now…
    Keeping the heat on my confessions is what I realize is a major in the delay of my manifestation. Also the work of my hands must be put to action to give God something to work with…His super on my natural. What am I doing to show Daddy God “he can trust His Daughter”. Wow, confirming it for me. Thanks

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