Mega Church Bashing

What’s the deal with all the [hateration] on mega churches and pastors with planes? Are they the reason people are struggling? Are people really that gullible  enough to “drink the koolaid”  that God wants them blessed, but will really never see it?  I am literally amazed at “believers” who conform to the idea that large churches could not be from God and are self-serving, commercial enterprises only out for people’s money. Christians can’t be that stupid.

This verse has become one of my favorite scriptures and many believers probably have never seen it.

“Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read:…”  Isaiah 34:16

I just took the “A” portion of the verse because we need to stop right there. I have  a bone to pick with many Christians. We don’t read our bibles enough. Most have never read the Bible cover to cover. How can we believe if we don’t know what we believe?  If we would read the book of Acts we would find  that the very first “church” was a mega church.  On the Day of Pentecost, Peter preached a sermon and three thousand  souls were saved. A few days later five thousand  were added to the church. That’s an eight thousand member church in a few days, and many of our worship places don’t average one new believer a Sunday.

And what  about  the airplanes? Is it not the will of God for the Gospel to be preached throughout the world?  If a pastor has been called to preach the gospel to many different places and share the “good news” to all who would hear, it is also his responsibility to not neglect his primary focus, the flock he oversees. Common sense says it is feasible and responsible, if the resources are available, that he or she gets back to their parishioners timely; and since Delta or Southwest don’t operate on God’s timing ,a private plane might be necessary. (We have no problem with the devil’s people having planes, but somehow a preacher being blessed is wrong).

I know some have abused the privileges, blessings and position afforded them, but that is no reason or excuse for the bashing I’m hearing.  Our trust should be in God, not in man. Because people in the congregation are struggling does not change the plan of God or His assignment for the church and it’s pastor.

The problem is many Christians want the blessings of a loving God but are not willing to pay the price to reap those benefits. Half hearted tithing, limp offerings, and not walking in love  keep many from experiencing God’s best.

And how are we supposed to know that the blessing of God is available for us if we never see it on someone who looks like us. The blessing is not in things. The blessing is an empowerment by God to prosper. That’s  what we should be after. If we seek his face, we can have what’s in His hands. Does not the Bible say that the poor you will have with you always? Well, the poor doesn’t have to be you.

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  1. Wonderful!!! I’m sure enough waiting on my wealth that’s laid up for me,that’s the wealth of the wicked,and it’s coming!!!! 😀 😀

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