The Good Father (Psalms 112)

A good father is a good man. He is blessed, fears the Lord, and takes great pleasure in doing His will.

His offspring are well known, blessed and highly favored with God and man. His family is known for their prosperity in all areas. Wealth and riches are in his house, and because of his rightstanding with the Almighty, his wealth is perpetual, never ending, free from decay and corruption.

An upright man emits light in the midst of darkness. When he doesn’t know what to do, it is revealed to him by the Spirit. He is kind, gracious, and full of compassion. He is not tight fisted or stingy. He delights to extend favour with his resources; not foolishly, but with discretion and discernment.

His faith is unshakeable, He is steadfast and unmoveable; his legacy will be recounted throughout future generations. He is courageous, not easily moved; he is confident that he will be victorious against all enemies and they will fall.

He is known for his benevelance; He is honored and respected in his family, community, and the marketplace.

Let the haters hate. They can be jealous all they want, until it eats at them so it makes them sick. They might as well get over it. He is blessed!

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