The Distinguished Gentleman

I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people…”    

Exodus 8: 23 (New Living Translation)

I have often wondered where the term “The Distinguished Gentleman” came from. We hear the phrase loosely referenced between members of Congress while they are in session. However, their actions toward each other, sometimes directly contradicts the intent of this honorable adjective. To be distinguished is to be distinct, as in separate or different from in nature or quality.  Senators and Congressmen are set apart from the general public and placed in a position of authority. Their positions come with many perks as well as responsibilities. This being the case, they are held to a higher standard and the people have reposed special trust and confidence that they are responsible to behave as such. Although these politicians come from the general populous, they are not in the least ordinary citizens. Along with their compensation, their standard of living is above that of the average Joe. They are not above the law, but circumstances that would affect their constituents, like poverty, lack, and insufficiency, does not affect them in the same way.

In the book of Exodus, The Lord told Moses to tell Pharoah to let the children of Israel go, and as events unfolded, of course, Pharoah refused. God then declared judgment upon the Egyptians. Through the mouth of his prophet, he told Pharoah that He would place a “distinction ” between the Egyptians and the children of Israel. The plagues that affected the all the people of Egypt would not affect any of the Israelitish  group. God made it clear who his favor would be upon. 

What does being in the world, but not of the world means to the believer?  It means that people should be able to “look on us” and see the favor of God on and in our lives. We handle situations and circumstances differently. We never panic, because we have dual citizenship. We live in the earth, but we are also citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Where we’re from, there is no lack or insufficiency, sickness, disease, or premature death. When those things show up to take over our lives, we apply the word and overcome. We pull out our spiritual ATM cards and make a withdrawals that manifest in the natural. That’s what makes us “different” or distinct. When the world sees “our” results, that’s when they inquire how we managed to pull it off. Then we can testify saying, “It was the Lord’s doing, and it’s marvelous in our eyes.”

When faced with adverse situations may the enemy say about us, “I yield to the Distinguised  Gentleman (or Woman) from the Kingdom of Heaven”

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