Almost There…

So you chose to give up something for the Lenten season. For most, it was some food you really enjoy, like confectionary items (I don’t want to get you off track by naming them—cheesecake,donuts, pie…oops!) At times, especially early on, you felt like caving in. But you stuck to it, because you had already put your mind to it. No one pressured you to fast for 40 days, nor did you feel obligated to abstain from your favorite delicacy. There’s something inside drawing you closer to Him.

That’s what the Easter (Resurrection) season brings to the believer. It is a sacred, special time for each of us. Especially Gentiles (formerly non covenant people) like us. It was the actions of the Son underwritten by the Father which caused us to be engrafted into this grace which we now embrace. It is not about denominations or catechisms, but about prayer and clearing our spiritual airways. It requires hearing direction from He who has the answers.

During this time, you’ve successfully addressed each component of your being; spirit, soul, and body. Your spirit, the real you, has  been refreshed. Your awareness and sensitivity of Him heightened.  Your soul (your thinker, feeler, chooser, emotions) has been placed in check. Your body thanks you for allowing the cleansing process to leave it feeling and functioning better.

Now you count the days until that morsel melts in your mouth. The aroma tickles your nostrils already as you schedule its preparation and delivery arriving on your desert plate as early as possible on  the blessed day.  Ahhhhhh!  You savor the first bite like a lover savoring a first kiss. You lean back and say. “I did it!” 

How proud you are of your accomplishment. You’re feeling pretty good now  because you’re about to “go off” on this tantalizing treat. It is then you realize that as great as it tastes, you’re more proud of the fact that you can do anything you want to do. There’s no limit;  no stopping you.  God is Awesome!!

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