New Year’s Resolution

Where did the term New Year’s Resolution come from? The general thought on this phrase is something that you plan to do or change in the ensuing year that will give you an advantage over the previous year. Each January, many “resolutions” are made by people all over the world. Some want to lose weight, quit smoking, cut down on drinking; watch their diet, exercise more, and the list goes on and on. Sadly, many of these “resolutions” go unrealized each year. Why is it so hard to keep a New Year’s resolution? The root of the issue lies in the word itself, RESOLUTION.  Almost every definition listed for this word deals with clarity, or making something seemingly difficult, distinguishable. Think about it, what constitutes HDTV? It’s screen resolution and clarity of picture.  If we want a true picture of what we want to achieve and how to get there, we must be in contact with the true “light” source.

This month, our church is undergoing 31 days of consecration. Our goal is to seek God and hear from Him clearly and consistently this year. It is imperative for us to know what steps to take and what moves to make so we can be where the blessing is. Our Pastor explained what a consecration really is by using this analogy.  If you’ve ever had an oil lamp, you know that from time to time, as the light from the wick is reflected through the glass globe, the fumes and smoke from the wick turn the globe gray. Therefore, periodically, one must take the globe off and clean it, so that the light can shine bright.  A consecration is a believer, cleaning the globe of his or her heart, so the light of God can shine through. as a result, we can see our path(s) more clearly.  

God wants to communicate with each of us and guide us in everything we do, even in what we consider to be “the small stuff”. Our expected end should be reaching the place in our prayer lives that” before we finish praying in our hearts…” the answer shows up!

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