Kingdom Business

I never envisioned writing about music in this blog, but since I am a Psalmist, I guess it was only a matter of time. Canton Jones has done it again! I didn’t think he could outdo his last CD Kingdom Business, but it is evident, there is anointing on this man’s life. He has tapped into the exceeding abundantly, above all he could ask or think. He has put together a group of other anointed Holy Hip Hop artists that are second to none in his latest release of  “Kingdom Business Pt. 2”. There is something on this album for everybody.  One of my favorites on this CD is Top Model. this is a song that celebrates the worth of a woman for who she is and not just her “bangin” body”. Just Swaggin’ speaks of the blessing of the Lord being upon one’s life, which does eventually show up in “material” wealth. God is not against you “swaggin”. Besides, where he lives, the streets are made of gold!! My Year  is a great song which declares the end from the beginning. “This year is my year!” The G.O. D. Remix, of course is off the chain and speaks of the power of God Almighty. There are twenty tracks on this release, enough for two albums, so get your moneys worth and much more. This project leaves you wondering if CAJO can get any better at his craft. No doubt, the best is yet to come.

The best thing about Canton Jones is that He is sincere and is truly a man of God that lives what he sings about. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see him in person as I have, you’ll find that his motivation is serving God. He never draws attention to himself, but gives the glory to whom it belongs.         I ‘ve seen him do praise & worship which is far from the music he produces on his personal projects. Let’s just say He is anointed. Burdens are removed and yokes are destroyed.

I hear some of you thinking… “this music  sounds like the world’s…”  Wait a minute, the difference between worldly music and CAJO’s music is the anointing. It is the word of God that permeates throughout this music. Would you rather have your kids listening to Lil Wayne (no offense intended) or would you rather have them singing lyrics like  “I wanna be with you, get to know you, and I don’t have to touch your body!”

Here’s a sample of what you’re going to get when you purchase this CD. (

       Click on this link:     Top Model Canton Jones (featuring Monty G)

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