…and Peter

He was totally disgusted with himself. He had done what he thought he would never do. As long as he lived, he would never forget the look in his master’s eyes when he blatantly lied three times and said he didn’t know him. A man who was never at a lost for words couldn’t  figure out a way to better express himself than by cursing when pressed with the question of his acquaintance with the “King of the Jews”.  This was the same guy that walked on water with Jesus; the one who was called “Petros” or ,“the rock”. There were moments when he allowed the revelation of God to permeate his being, such as the time he said “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God”. And there were times such as this, when he allowed his flesh to rule. He couldn’t believe he actually made the statement that he would die for Jesus. Now he felt embarrassed, guilty, despondent, alone.

How relieved he must have been when he heard the news. He had a message from Jesus. After the resurrection, three women came to the tomb to anoint Jesus’ body and discovered he had risen. They were greeted by an angel who gave them specific instructions. “…tell my disciples and Peter.” How thrilled was he to be even considered a disciple after what he had done. He thought he had forfeited that right with his sin. But the compassionate , loving, Jesus knew what Peter would become. After all, it was Peter, fresh from forgiveness, that preached a sermon at Pentecost where 3000 souls were saved. He went on to become a great Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Saints, there is nothing that you can do to undo the love Jesus has for you. His love is unconditional. Even when you willingly disobey the Lord, his purpose for your life remains unchanged.

“For the gifts and calling of the Lord are without repentance.” Romans 11:29

Even if you’re in a place where you know you shouldn’t be; Even if you’ve missed the mark over and over again; God is calling for you. He says,

“Tell my children and (your name) to meet me where I can give you instructions for success.  I’m not mad at you. I love you and I have a purpose for your life that only you can fulfill.”

© Fredrick F. Nicholson  2009   all rights reserved

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  1. Oh Fredrick this message is so needed for many are being taught so much crazy stuff about their salvation that’s not at all true!!!!!!!!!!! I truly enjoyed this post and would love to share this,please let me know and have a good day.

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