What [Chew] Looking At?

If you’re a male, you’ve probably heard this before. If you’re a female, you’ve probably said it before.  Ladies, remember back in school when a guy would be staring at you? You were not at all interested in him, and said “What [chew] looking at? Well, he was not really looking at you. He was envisioning a future (of some kind) with you. He saw himself getting your phone number, calling you, and  making you his girlfriend. He saw himself carrying your books, walking you home from school. He saw the two of you going out on a date; all of that within a few seconds. That is, until you shot his vision down with your comment. Or maybe your comments didn’t phase him.  Maybe he was persistent and confident enough that he finally won you over.

Abraham was facing an even greater circumstance when God told him to take his son Isaac and sacrifice him on a mountain he would show him on his way. His response was to lift up his eyes. On the surface it appears that he lifted up his eyes and saw the place God told him to kill his son. What he actually saw was God reformulating the charred ashes of Isaac’s body into flesh and restoring Isaac back to life. Abraham had a promise that through him the whole earth would be blessed and his descendants would outnumber the stars. Isaac was the seed of promise, so that meant that God had to raise him from the dead. In the end, Abraham did not have to kill his son. God stopped him and he lifted up his eyes again and saw provision.

In your life, what are you looking at? Are you focused on your current situation, or can you see your deliverance at a distance? Is God Almighty credible enough for you to believe Him in spite of your seemingly “hopeless situation? Just as the young man didn’t allow your snide comments to dampen his spirits and Abraham didn’t let the imminent death of his son stop him from obeying God, so should your determination and conviction be in knowing that your deliverance is at hand. Lift up your heads and the King of Glory (with his entourage) shall come in.

By the way, Abraham did in fact see a resurrection, but it was not Isaac’s , it was Jesus!

John 8:56
“Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it, and was glad.”

3 thoughts on “What [Chew] Looking At?

  1. First time to your blog! What a great post. And often our perspective gets distorted – causing us anxiousness as we forget our powerful and loving God who is waiting for us to call upon His strength and power.

    So often we get wrapped up in what isn’t. It is the trap that steals joy and life. It is a good reminder that we have a powerful God who is a “very present help in trouble” – Psalm 46:1 – we forget to call upon Him and live in needless worry.

    Abraham had His mind in the right place – on God’s power.


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