Making Life Count

Being a former Marine, my heart is always touched by the loss or injury of any of our service men and women. Hearing the Star Spangled Banner honoring the United States flag still gives me chills knowing that I have served under the same banner. There is one story of a marine named Sgt Merlin German that I believe more people should know about. This is one human being that made a difference in his life and left a legacy that will live on. Sgt Merlin was injured in a roadside bomb and over ninety seven percent of his body was burned. He was not expected to  survive, but he miraculously did. At first , of course, he went through what any human being would in that condition. He wondered why God didn’t just take him instead of  allowing him to survive. However, he didn’t continue thinking that way. He turned that terrible situation around. He believed that if he had survived that ordeal, he could do anything. And he just about did. Once he began to recover, he started going around to the other patients and encouraging them; showing them how far he had come and giving them hope. He touched the lives of the doctor’s, specialists, nurses, and everyone he came in contact with. They were astounded at his progress and began calling him Sgt Miracle. He had a heart for children and subsequently started a foundation to help children who were burn victims called Merlin’s Miracles.  Merlin passed away following a routine skin graft operation (one of the hundreds he had undergone) but his foundation continues today. He was only 22 years old, yet has touched thousands of lives and his legacy continues.

How are we affecting the lives of others during our lifetime? Or, is it all about us and the things and wealth we can accumulate? Since we represent Christ, our lives should emulate his love and care for people as well. Each one of us has a purpose for which God has created us. Sometimes that purpose is not what we have in mind, but I pray that we find and follow our purpose to fulfill our destiny. Remember, there is something God placed inside you that only you can accomplish in the earth. That’s what makes you unique.

I encourage each of you to visit Sgt Merlin German’s foundation website and read his story:

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