The Most Trusted Man

He was once called the most trusted man in America. People counted on him for accuracy, integrity, truthfulness, and honesty. He consistently delivered them all. He worked hard, and played just as hard. He loved his job, but always took time for his family. He was an icon to say the least. He was a news anchor, and by most accounts, the best there ever was. What made him so powerful? How could this unassuming man gain the respect and admiration of Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and the common everyday Joe?  Americans believed in him. They identified with him because even though he reported the facts as they were; he kept his humanity intact, feeling the same pain, but found strength to endure when having to report the death of President Kennedy. His candor and zeal to get the whole story is the benchmark of what a journalist strives for today. He was Walter Cronkite and people trusted him. In his death many honor him. 

There was another man who was quite influential, not only in his time, but before and long after he departed the scene. He too gained the trust of many. Starting with twelve, he took his message of truth to measures never seen before. Now there are millions who follow him; trusting him with their very existence. His motive was never to exalt himself, but to do the will of his Father who sent him. He too feels our pain; having experienced everything imaginable to us and more. He bore our sins and iniquities on the cross and His Father was satisfied with His sacrifice. We are no longer separated from him because of Adam’s sin. By the death of this one man, many were made righteous before God. Now being justified by our faith in Him, it is as though we had never sinned. His love for us is unending, In that He willingly lay down His life for us. If we were to visit Mr. Cronkite’s grave, no doubt, his remains are there. But the tomb of Jesus is empty because God raised him from the dead. He is now at the right hand of Father interceding for you and me.  His desire is for everyone in the world to trust and believe in Him. He wants to lose no one. But,  that is every human being’s choice to make. ”And that’s the way it is.”

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