The Voice of Truth

On August 17, 2004, I woke up early to spend time with the Lord. He immediately led me to look up the passage where Jacob had prophesied over his sons, particularly, Judah. My wife, Adrianne was six months pregnant and the Lord had already given us the child’s name, Judah David. One of the things I read was that Jacob declared God would be praised by Judah, for Judah, and in Judah.  Later on that morning, I received a call from Adrianne at work saying her water had broken. At that instant, the opportunity for fear appeared, but I chose to pray in the Holy spirit and headed toward the hospital. I was too far from where she was to go and pick her up, but by the grace of God, members of our church were in the clothing store where she worked and took her to the emergency room. By the time I arrived, I was donned in scrubs and told the baby was about to be born.

Judah was one pound and ten ounces. Born 3 months premature and was immediately taken to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. Needless to say, the prognosis was not good.

So many things were supposedly wrong and his chances of survival were slim. However, we had already made up our minds that God had given Judah as a gift and he would not take him back. We declared the word of God immediately and consistently during his entire hospital stay (about four months). Little by little, overcoming every setback and obstacle, Judah was released from the hospital and eventually came off the oxygen. Not only that, but he was cleared by every specialist he was scheduled to see for treatment.

During this ordeal, there were many voices speaking to us about the welfare of our child. We chose to believe the voice of truth. Judah was healed the first day we started declaring it out of our mouths. There was no other alternative.

I also recall during the ordeal listening to a new Casting Crowns Cd I had just picked up; I heard these words:

“The voice of truth tells me a different story

The voice of truth says do not be afraid

The voice of truth says this is for my glory

Out of all the voices calling out to me

I will choose to listen and believe

The voice of truth”                  

When we believe the word of God and zero out all other alternatives, we enable God to do above and beyond what we could ever ask or think.

© Fredrick F. Nicholson  2009  all rights reserved

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