Reading Is Fundamental

I’ve come to realize that I don’t read as nearly enough as I should, and I like to read. What I have noticed about almost every successful person I have learned anything about  is that almost every one of them is a sponge for knowledge. They are always reading something. What successful people read is always measured by where they want to go, not by where they have been. The Bible says my people (God’s people) are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Not only are we destroyed, but we are often held back and remain stagnant by what we don’t know.

What is reading anyway? A book consists of words. The very substance by which the world was created. Words are containers of expectation. The very essence of who we are and what we will become is formulated by the words we hear, speak, and “read”. Often made fun of was the “bookworm” in grade school; and just as often the laughter ceased at the class reunion, and one thinks of what could have been in his or her own life. We all have the same amount of time; twentyfour hours in a day. I resolve to make better use of my time. What about you?

There a tons of authors who have penned their memoirs, or the principles they used to achieve success. There are books on philosophy, psychology, whatever interests one may have. What I have also learned is that many of the principles used whether credited  to or not, came from the Bible. So you see, it is not a cliche that God’s word has the answer for all things.

When Solomon asked for wisdom from the Lord, it did not just fall out of the sky and “whola” he was a genius. No, he sought after knowledge. He was a seeker of God and the wisdom he received was a bi-product. We should seek wisdom and knowledge as well, using the Bible as a foundation and then applying its precepts to enhance our educational knowledge. Reading is a fundamental part of acquiring knowledge, dreaming dreams, and reaching your potential.

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