A Father’s Glory

I was reading a news article recently in which a mother was speaking with a reporter about her three sons. She had raised them by her self, kept strict reins on them as children, and kept them in church. However, somewhere along the way, they each ended up being charged with murder and are either in jail or awaiting trial. She was distraught and confused, wondering what else she could have done to keep them on the right track. How could she have raised such cold callous young men responsible for such heinous acts? Although they are responsible for their own actions, I believe the absence of an active father in their lies at the root of the situation.

Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the the glory of children are their fathers.” Proverbs 17:6 (KJV)

There is a heart and spirit connection between children and their fathers which produces glory in them. This glory produced can be defined as gleam, sparkle, twinkle, adornment, or beauty. A father’s teaching presence in the home adds weight and substance to the child’s well being. That sparkle or gleam in the eye of a child that a father is responsible for cannot be duplicated. Without it they often become cold, callous, and indifferent.  By the same token, abuse by the person who is supposed to “bring the glory” can cause these adverse affects as well. When a father is too harsh, unforgiving, and unrelenting, he drives his seed away, rather than keeping them close so he can nurture and water them. There must be a balance between discipline, forgiveness, mercy, and grace; just as our heavenly Father provides for each of his children.

I can see the glory in my young son’s eyes. Judah absolutely adores his father. Even in the times I have to discipline him, he always draws close to me to make it right. He doesn’t want to disappoint his father. He wants to be reassured that dad loves him and he wants a hug to make sure all is forgiven. That sounds a lot like the way we should be responding to our heavenly Father.  It’s our relationship with him that puts the twinkle in our eyes.

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