Psalms 40

I confidently trust in the Lord. I made my request know unto him. He heard me and delivered me out of a bad situation; horrible circumstances,that I could not get myself out of. The more I tried, the worse it got. He delivered me and set me upon a rock; and ordered my steps. He has placed a new song in my mouth, a fresh praise unto God. Others see what God has done in my life and turn to him. I trust in the Lord, therefore I am blessed. So many wonderful things the Lord has already done for me. His plans and thoughts towards me are so great; too much for me to comprehend. Therefore, I have an ear to hear, as he reveals to me what steps to take. Everything I need is in his word. I take pleasure in doing his will. I hide his word in my heart. I will not keep silent; I declare the goodness of his righteousness, faithfulness, salvation, loving kindness and truth. For it is his loving kindness that guards, protects, and watches over me, Whenever negative circumstances come at me all at once, from every direction; many as a result of my own decisions, and when the hope within me starts to fade; I will say Thank you Lord that you are delighted and take pleasure in delivering me speedily from them all. I will rejoice and be glad in you Lord. I will say continually, The Lord be magnified. Even though feelings of oppression and depression fill mind being, Lord you are yet thinking of me and maintaining my cause. Do not delay my rescue, Oh God of my salvation.

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