Will It Work For Me?

If that question has not come out of your mouth, I’m willing to bet it has crossed your mind. At one point or another, at some point in our christian walk, we have wondered whether or not we can see the results we see others in the faith achieving. How can I really have what I say?Newsflash!! You already do.  Where we are in life is a direct result of what has come out or failed to come out of our mouths. On the surface, that probably doesn’t make much sense. We were created in the image and likeness of God. That means we look and act like him. When he created something from nothing, he spoke it into existence. Likewise we must speak what we want to see into existence in the earth realm. We are little gods that act just like our daddy.

One of the unique things God gave to every individual is fingerprints. There are no two persons that have the exact same fingerprints. Criminologists and forensic specialists identify and clear suspects many times by the presence or absence of fingerprints. Going even further is DNA testing. We’ve all heard of someone being cleared of a crime  after it was discovered there was not a DNA match with the evidence.  There is one other area that is unique. Have you ever heard of voice recognition?  Your voice is your address in the spirit realm.That’s why no one else can speak the word for you. Angels are the UPS and FEDEX of the heavenlies and they never deliver to the wrong address. They always hearken to the voice of the word coming out of your mouth. They may face demonic opposition in getting it to you (see Daniel Chapter 10), but they will prevail.  Remember when Jesus spoke to the fig tree and the next day it had dried up from the roots? When you speak the word over any situation, it goes to work at the root which you cannot see. It’s working all the time to produce your desired results.

 Credits: Special thanks to Dr. Ramson Mumba (United Kingdom) for his teaching on Sunday, May 24, 2009 at New life Interfaith Ministries, Bessemer,  AL.

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