Magnum Force

Dirty Harry carried the 44 Magnum and called it the most powerful handgun in the world. He took every opportunity to let his adversaries know the capabilities of his weapon and gave them a choice as to whether or not they would take him on. Thus, he attributed his power to “magnum force”. It takes force to move anything from one place to another. Some things take more force than others to move, depending on the weight, size and other factors as well. No matter what, anything can be moved by a stronger force. The most powerful force we have as believers is the word of God. We must not only know the word (it’s capabilities) but exercise the strength of the word to overcome our adversary, satan.

The very fact that a lid is on a jar means that it can come off, although sometimes it can be very difficult. One may have to exert more pressure or use more force to get the jar open. If you really want whats inside the jar, you don’t give up until you get it open. That might mean striking the bottom of the jar with the heel of your hand or taping around the lid area on a hard surface, then trying to loosen it again. Nevertheless, you keep at it until you get it open, applying any force necessary without breaking the jar and ruining the contents.

The same can be said of tire lug nuts on a vehicle. We’ve all at one point or another gotten to the last lug nut that wouldn’t budge. What do we do, just leave the vehicle and walk home? Of course not. We apply more leverage or force by using our body weight to loosen it.

There may be some things that are stuck in your life, hard to loosen; difficult to navigate. That’s where you have to keep applying the force of the word of God. Giving up is not an option. Neither is negative speaking. Just as bitter and sweet water cannot come from the same fountain, don’t cancel out your confessions from the word by letting the opposite come out of your mouth: Things like, “I’m so sick”. “I’m broke”, or If it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all. That’s the equivalent of hitting the escape button during a computer file download. You’ll never get the file you desire if you keep cancelling the process before completion. You do know that the larger the file, the longer the download time. Could it be that God’s about to bless your socks off if you stick with the process?

Apply more pressure using the force of the word of God on the situation. Everytime you think about it, speak the word. If you have to do it ten, twenty, thirty times a day; whatever it takes. It’s easy to say what to do, and even to write about it, but it takes labor and effort to carry it out. Speak to that mountain and it will obey you.

© Fredrick F. Nicholson all rights reserved

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