God’s Favorite Child

“How precious it is, Lord to realize that you are thinking of me constantly! I can’t even count how many times a day your thoughts turn towards me. and when I waken in  the morning, you are still thinking of me.” Psalms 139: 17-18 (The Living Bible)

Watching a child sleep is such a pleasant experience. Without fail you find yourself smiling and thinking warm thoughts. Such innocence, such beauty, a masterpiece of creation; and as a parent, you almost find it hard to believe you actually took part in the making of this life.  You recount past experiences, future hopes and dreams, and expectations of how great this child will be. You imagine realized potential, purpose fulfilled and the pride you will feel. You pray God will help you mold this gift into an exquisite vessel for his use. All of these thoughts race through your mind in just a few moments as your eyes moisten. You hold your face close and you kiss the child ever so softly.

Imagine your heavenly father thinking the same thoughts towards you, his child. Can you see him watching you as you sleep? He always has you on his mind. He wants the very best for you. He wants you to grow physically and spiritually into a mature instrument of peace. Oh how proud he must be when when you take his word and stand on it until manifestation appears. That’s my child, he says. How many photographs he must have of his favorite child overcoming another one of Satan’s strategies. He knows you’ll make mistakes. He knows you’ll miss it. He’s the best dad because he doesn’t remember your shortcomings. He’s always there to help you through a tough time.  He may have to bail you out of a tough situation, but he never holds it over your head. He uses every moment as a teaching moment, and he’s willing to work with you until you get it. He has to–you’re his favorite child.

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