Incubator of Life

“And Adam called his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all living.”   

Genesis 3: 20

Inherent in every woman is the ability and capacity to give life. When God made the woman or womb-ed man, he took a rib from Adam and fashioned the woman. It is obvious he took more time and care in this special creation. Every curve, line and contour was carefully planned out and executed by this skillful architect of the universe. This time, Adam saw her and said “Woo man, that’s good!” She was made for him to assist in fulfilling his assignment. As a helper, her input and insight was critical to his success. What Adam failed to do was to impart this purpose prior to her being deceived by Satan. She had been given a womb for a reason. She was deemed an incubator of life; imparted with the creative force of God himself within her. This female was not only designed to give birth to human kind, but to produce life itself in all things.

To incubate means to maintain under controlled favorable conditions in order to promote development as in the case of a premature infant. Give her a problem or an idea in its infancy and she’ll turn it into a vision accomplished. How she does it, some would call it “women’s intuition”. She somehow knows what to do after pondering it for a while. The truth is, God placed within her keen sensitivity and insight, contrary to the man who mostly relies on experiences and knowledge. In some respects, it’s easier for her to hear from the Holy Spirit because her ears are already tuned in via her heart.

However, this living breathing incubator, void of direction and purpose can give life to something less desirable. How many times have we seen the demise of a man and his purpose through the wiles of a woman? Her intelligence for solving problems reserved for the board room of the home and the world now being used to connive and scheme for her own purposes. Her strength brought to a piece of bread by the deceiver himself. He killed her dreams, stole her purpose, and destroyed her self worth.

Rise up oh daughter of Zion!  Realize your potential and tap into your purpose. Your value is far above rubies, diamonds, and gold. Wisdom flows from your lips and your kindness brings the strong man to his knees. Your hands are blessed because you fear the Lord and you eat the fruit of your labor daily.

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