Infinitely Blessed

I am blessed of the Lord. The Lord is with me. Because the Lord is with me, I expect increase, promotion and favor. Policies, laws, rules and regulations are changed and reversed on my behalf. I have made the decision to put off those things that separate me from God.I embrace holiness and godliness daily. Because the Lord is with me, I expect everything I say according to his word to come to pass. The peace of God rules my heart as an umpire causing me to make sound and timely decisions.When I hear a word from the Lord,it is a finished fact; settled with all finality; a done deal. It is history and cannot be altered. God will see to it himself because I obey and serve him. I am anointed. I remove burdens, and destroy yokes.  My prayers are anointed. My desires are anointed. My thoughts are anointed. My hopes are anointed. My dreams are anointed. As a matter of fact, I am infinitely blessed beyond my highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes and dreams. As I seek God and discover his perfect will for my life, I recover all that has been stolen. The Lord redeems all time lost because time came out of him. I am destined for success because he orders my steps. He enlarges my setps so I do not slip, but causes enemies I can’t even see to stumble and fall, just so I recognize them for who they are. The Lord is my sun and shield. No good thing will he withhold from me.

© 2009 Fredrick F. Nicholson  all rights reserved

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