The Right Church

If you were to be honest, at one time or another, the question has come up in your mind; “Am I at the right church?”  Unfortunately, this question usually arises during or after some type of conflict or unfavorable incident at church. That is not the time to ponder such a dramatic decision in your life. Many people are in a church simply because that’s where they grew up and that’s all they know.  Some like the choir and the singing; so they are drawn by that. Some have ulterior motives; for example, they want a record deal, so they choose a ministry based on the music department in hopes they can be thrust to the forefront and jump start their career.  In each of these cases, one is setting him or herself up for failure and not reaching their full potential because they are out of place.  Truth be told, the decision is not yours to make anyway.  1 Corinthians 12: 18 says God has set the members in the body as it pleases Him.  Who better to know where the creation needs to be to fulfill their purpose that the Creator. God knows the man or woman that can speak directly to your individual spirit, releasing things that had been previously locked up inside you.  The place where God has assigned you should provide you with answers and direction.  Gone are the days of the “entertainment” church.  If you want entertainment, go to a movie. Because after the choir has sung, and after the emotional highs of the service, there needs to be a time when instruction is given to the body, that local fellowship that will move them to action to change their lives.

There are four things your church should do for you:

1. Your church should challenge you with it’s vision and mission. where there is no vision, the people perish. Every church’s assignment is not the same. So where you are “set” is directly proportionate to your God-given purpose.

2.  Your church should change you.  Any organism not growing is dying. There should be evidence of change in your life from one year to the next.

3. Your church should correct you. If you are never receiving any kind of correction at your local fellowship, get out!!  Sheep need correction and guidance, that’s why their called sheep.

4. Your church should care for you.  The love of God should be evident among his people.  In reality, God is easy to love.  You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t love God. It’s God’s people that present the challenge. Your church family is just that, a family. People should recognize the love and care you have for each other and that is what draws others to Christ. Corporately, the church was not designed to be a welfare system, but with correct teaching and application, today’s church should mimic the first century church in the book of Acts. They gave in such a way that none of them lacked anything. People who had more than enough gave to the ministry and enough was available to ensure no one came up short. 

No church is perfect. If you’re looking for that keep on looking.  As long as their are imperfect humans, their will be imperfect churches. The key is that we are all striving for perfection and as God reveals himself piece by piece to us through the His Word, we can emulate Him when we apply it to our daily lives.

© 2009 Fredrick F. Nicholson  all rights reserved

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