Exalt The Lord

To elevate, raise, bring up, lift up, hold up, extol, to make high and powerful; these words define exalt. But God is already the most high. How can we make him any higher than he already is? When we exalt our God, we are really making him higher in our understanding of him; who he is to us, in our minds. It’s called making him LARGE! When we see him for who he is, then our situations and circumstances are placed in their proper perspective.

The  word exalt comes from the Hebrew word “rum”  It is pronounced “room”, but you know what it looks like.  Ever heard of “rum & coke”? Perhaps the person who came up with the alcoholic beverage we call rum was a Bible scholar (LOL). Rum was designed to alter one’s thinking, or state of mind.  Getting high, or as they said in the old days “getting my mind right” was a deliberate act. You intentionally wanted to get “right” before heading to the party that night, so you were a partaker of the spirit of rum and coke. 

When we become intoxicated with our God and drink of him (his Word) we will see him as he is, the most high who can handle anything.  His Word carries his voice which gives direction to our path. This must be a continual action and not a one time thing.  If you stopped drinking rum, eventually you will come down off that high.  We must continue to drink from the fountain of God lest we become complacent, leaving an opening for Satan to come in.  He can’t get to everyone, that’s why he seeks whom he may devour.  Don’t let him get the best of you.  Rum in a bottle on the shelf  is still rum, but it doesn’t affect those who do not drink it. Likewise is the word of God. It is powerful as a two edged sword, but the power is only available to those who drink of it.

© 2009 Fredrick F Nicholson  all rights reserved

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