Anything Can Happen

This year’s Kentucky Derby was as exciting as any other. A fifty to one long shot cruised to victory in dramatic fashion.  I won’t pretend to have even average knowledge of the sport of horse racing, but I do know that at  fifty to one odds, not many thought this horse was capable of pulling off the upset.  The horse came out of the gate in last place, but  neither the jockey or the horse panicked. The jockey knew their best chance was to get into the position on the track that was their best lane. They needed to get to the rail. With precision and skill, working together, they maneuvered toward their destination, picking up positions along the way. No one was paying much attention to the long shot, not even the person calling the race. When they made the final turn headed toward the home stretch, they still were not quite to the rail yet, but they did not get rattled.  They waited for an opportunity to make their move, both jockey and horse, knowing they had enough left to pull it off. All of a sudden, like the Red Sea, an opening appeared. Instinct and skill took over and they seized the opportunity. The fast and furious rider found the nitro switch, so it seemed, and together they got to the rail and took off. Soaring to the lead and pulling away, the jockey yelled for more from his friend and their run for the roses was achieved.  In a post race interview, the overwhelmed jockey said, “Anything can happen!

Not an amazing or surpising statement, except I had heard the exact statement earlier that morning.  A word from the Lord was released over our congregation during corporate prayer. I’ll try to summarize what our pastor’s wife said. 

“Anything can happen. God is a supernatural God. Start looking for supernatural manifestation. Some things you have been praying about for a long time. God is going to do it supernaturally. Keep these words on your lips. Anything can happen. God is a Supernatural God.” 

Maybe you are a long shot to get that job, that promotion, to qualify for that mortgage, to get out of debt, or to dramatically improve your lifestyle.  Those are just the right odds for God. Then when it happens, everyone will know that “the Lord is with you”.  There will be no doubt that His hand delivered. We have got to be confident that there is nothing too hard for God. If He can send a scavenger bird to deliver a full course meal to a prophet in the desert; if He can feed a widow woman and her son for many days after she gave all she had; if He can feed five thousand men (not including women & children) with two sardines and five ritz crackers; if He can cause an aircraft with no engines to be guided by the pilot into the Hudson River with no loss of life; surely He can handle your situation. The Lord is mindful of you, He will bless you. He will increase you more and more; you and your children. Anything can happen. He is a supernatural God!

© 2009 Fredrick F. Nicholson all rights reserved

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